Close-up on the choker necklace

We thought we would never wear choker necklaces again, but it happens to be this season’s trendiest piece of jewellery! Key accessory in the nineties, it’s making a comeback alongside backpacks, bandanas, bombers and cropped tops. For those who haven’t give-in to the trend, here are outfit ideas that will make you change your mind…

Choker from the nineties

Since that’s where chokers are from, you should be dressed like a nineties teenager from head to foot! We get out of the closet all our nineties must-have: backpacks, sweatshirts, bomber jackets, high waisted shorts, cropped tops, and obviously, our choker necklaces. The one that reminds us the most of our teenage years is undoubtedly the Punk open jewel neckline by Couleur punk à l’eau. We wear it with the bicoloured bomber jacket with silver details by the fashion blogger Adenorah, a cropped top like the jersey crop top by Pierre Henry Bor, and the classic red bandana by Mona Sultan to wear as a headband or a bracelet.


Bohemian choker

The bohemian look from the seventies is also making a huge comeback this year. Surprise-less, the “bohemian choker” is a must-have for a bohemian chic look. This is why we love the long necklace ribbon and silver chain by Anne-Laure Gautier or the choker with ribbon and silver chain by Anne Laure Gautier, that we wear with a long necklace like the Amul wooden long necklace by Salomé Charly. We wear that necklace assortment with our favourite festival look, meaning: a off the shoulder top like the jersey crop top by Lylee Blu, a long skirt like the pleated maxi skirt by Luc Darribère, and a raffia bag like the leather and raffia tote bag by Otinguema.


Glamorous choker

Gold or silver, decorated with stones or engraved, chokers can give a sexy effect to a chic gala or evening outfit. The perfect chokers for big occasions are the silver Wall Strip necklace by Isabelle Michel and the golden Wall Strip necklace by Isabelle Michel. The golden one will perfectly fit an evening dress like the backless leather dress by Emy Rigeot, or a jumpsuit like the crepe jumpsuit by Elodie Oberlé. As for the silver one, it will be perfect to dress up a casual outfit: a fitted jacket like the wool-twill blazer by Milkaya Laijah, a silk top like the sleeveless silk top by Meryl Suissa and large pants like the 7/8 length trousers by Olivier Battino.


So, who has adopted the choker trend yet? To know all the trends of the season, go to MonDéfilé. If you want find out what our favourite summer trends are, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!


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