Change your jewellery

There is often a big love story between a woman and her jewellery, whether it is a bracelet, a necklace, earrings, a ring, a watch, etc. We might buy tens of them, we keep wearing the same ones because they have a sentimental value, because we got them from someone who matters, or just because we think they’re prettier than our other ones. So for all the women who always wear the same earrings, who never take off their necklace or who never wear a bracelet, discover the jewellery that will make you feel like a change.


Chain mail jewellery

If you like original jewels, with shapes and material that stand out, you will love chain mail jewels like the new jewellery collection of L’Or J. Chain mail jewellery, that return to the front stage three years ago, give a very own style to a casual outfit, and a noticeable look when it is worn with an original piece. For example, you can wear the tube stainless steel necklace “Tudala” with a white top (like the short sleeve top with net by Louise de Testa) and leather pants (like the Emy Rigeot leather and cotton pants). You will also love the Hénora stainless steel chain bracelet by L’Or J, which goes perfectly with a graphical dress like the graphical short dress by Pierre-Henry Bor or the midi dress with long sleeves by Otinguema. But there is also some L’Or J earrings, like the Connie stainless steel chainmail earrings that will dress any serious outfit like the Milkaya Laijah wool-twill blazer worn with the Louie cotton-blend shirt.


Colourful jewellery

If costume jewellery is your favourite, two new designers jewellery collections that we recently put on MonDéfilé should interest you: the jewels from the new Velizance collection and the Azucar jewellery new collection. To palliate winter’s gloom, the two designers are proposing precious and colourful jewels, to put some colours in our outfits. Concerning the brand Velizance, we absolutely love the series of Celian sterling silver rings semi precious stone, to wear by day or by night, whatever the occasion. The Celian sterling silver rings semi precious stone in purple can complete a going-out outfit like the halter back midi silk dress worn with the quilted leather clutch bag. The Celian sterling silver rings semi precious stone in blue will go with any outfit inspired by the seventies, like the Lylee Blue short tulip tulle dress and the leather biker jacket with fringes by the fashion blogger Fringe & Frange. As for the new jewellery collection of Azucar, we have a huge crush on the slightly colourful “Laurel” series. The Laurel golden ring, the Laurel golden bracelet or the Laurel golden necklace can indeed give some serious style to a total black look for example, like the short top with transparent back by Eon and Pierre Henry Bor high waisted jersey shorts.


Subtle jewellery

Have you ever heard of the expression “Less is more”? In short: wear simple clothes to be the best dressed. The supporters of that simple look usually like thin, subtle jewels that they were in small touches. If you are one of them, then you will have a crush on the marble jewels from the new Azucar jewellery collection. The long earrings golden chain can go with a transparent veil long shirt by Emy Rigeot, the golden bracelet marble pendant will cover the arms of a top with ¾ sleeves like the Elodie Oberlé silk top 3/4 sleeves, and the golden chain necklace marble pearls will perfectly fit a sweater or a cardigan with a low neckline like the Otinguema wool cardigan. We can also find some sophisticated simplicity in the new Velizance jewellery collection, like the sterling silver Launi bracelet or the Tanya sterling silver necklace that we wear with jeans, a loose white top like the long sleeve crepe top by the fashion blogger The black feather and a blazer jacket like the Pierre Henry Bor blazer jacket.


Did those pieces of jewellery give you the will to change your accessories habits? To discover more designers’ jewellery, join us on MonDéfilé. If you want more advice on the fashion trends of the year, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!


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