2018-2019 Winter: Fabrics of the season

The key-word in the fashion world: anticipation. What are we going to like in a year? What colours will we wear next winter? What print will disappear from our wardrobes by the end of the year? The question we asked ourselves today: what fabrics will we wear for 2018-2019 winter?













Silk has never really been out of style but it will be back in a modified form for 2018-2019 winter. In a spirit of recycling, silk will be crumpled, torn, draped, to give a “just jumped out of bed” effect, falsely neglected.



Very nineties, velvet came back in our closets earlier this season. Still a bit shy, it mainly exists on sweaters, jackets and shoes. Next winter, wearing velvet will be limitless, on any piece of clothing: pants, dresses, skirts, and even on a t-shirt.



If the woolen sweater is a winter essential, 2018-2019 winter will be all about knitwear. Knitting has become a big fashion and decoration trend and so are heavy scratchy woolen pullovers! We fall back in love with chunky sweaters, with a large turtleneck. Next winter, we will love them in colours inspired by the seventies like mustard yellow, brown and orange.


Fake fur

Winter tends to put fashion to a test. All we want is to wrap up in a pyjama and a plaid and live like this all season. While we wait for fashion to be about sherpa sweaters, we rely on fake fur coats. Up until now, we would mainly see black or leopard print coats. In 2018-2019 winter, we will go crazy for colours: dark green, brown, orange, pink… Fake fur will be worn in any colour but still in a short and oversized cut.

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