Winter dress

A few months ago, we decided to show you a few outfit ideas for extremely cold days. As temperatures keep dropping and as we’re freezing every time we go outside, we are more and more tempted to go out wearing 2 sweaters, tights under our trousers, and a pair of lined boots rather than a skirt or a dress. And it is not very fancy… Here is the proof that you can be both elegant and warm while wearing a dress in winter.


The wool dress

The sweater-dress is definitely back this winter, but we think a wool dress has to be feminine and sexy, to compensate the thick mesh. To be elegant all winter, and stay warm and comfy in your clothes, go for a colourful and waist-marked dress, like the peplum wool dress by Sarmite Ostanevica, to wear with big jewellery and a pair of low-boots. For those who like tight clothes better, then the short and slim-fitted wool dress by Otinguema is made for you. You can for example wear it with the Karine Amzallag long coat and a large wool scarf like the Brush wool scarf by Denovembre.


The dress with long sleeves

The winter dress has one rule: it has to have long sleeves (because it is better if you want to stay warm). But just like all the pieces in our wardrobe, every different dress matches a specific occasion (and this is why we like to have many, many, many dresses). For a day of work, you will prefer the short dress with long sleeves dress by Otinguema, to wear with a slim-fitted jacket and a pair of black boots. The long-sleeved dress can also be worn during the weekend, since the long shirt dress by Studio Baqué Molinié gives a casual look. For a cocktail or a company party, you can go for a silk dress, like the short silk dress by Tot. That dress can also be worn for a romantic date, just like the silk wrap dress by Olivier Battino, to go with a cape, like the Karine Amzallag long cape coat, and a small black clutch like the quilted leather clutch by Catherine Gaillard.


The sweat dress

Sweat has been one of the trendiest materials for five years now. Even though it’s been associated to joggings and pullovers for years, it is now acceptable to wear it as a dress! The only difference is that you should wear it with a pair of tights instead of trousers. The result is a comfy and feminine outfit. A night at the restaurant with some friends is a good occasion to go out with the sequins sweat dress by Tot. You can wear it with a large coat like the Elodie Oberlé wool coat, and a lot of silver rings like the Isabelle Michel Manhattan ring, the 7 roxs ring by Agnès de Verneuil ans the “Madame” ring by Monsieur Simone. The sweat dress is also perfect for any woman who spends her days running around to get everything done. Those ones will absolutely love the short-sleeved jumper dress by Eon, especially worn with the long sleeve wool and leather cardigan. Way sober, the three color dress by Tot is better worn at work, with a leather jacket like the Bibana Paris quilted leather jack and a pair of silver earrings like the sterling silver earrings by Velizance.

So, did we manage to win you? Who’s going to be wearing dresses every day even when it’s -5°C outside? If you want more advice on the fashion trends of the year, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest !

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