Five ways to wear a bandana

Coming straight from the nineties, the bandana is back in our wardrobe. If it hasn’t changed at all (we still love it small, red and with Hindi patterns), we wear it differently from 1999. Back then we loved to wear it around the whole head just like Britney Spears or as a headband like Axl Rose from the Guns’N Roses. But this year, it is more discreet and feminine. Here are five ways to wear one of the most fashionable accessories of the season: the bandana.

Around the neck

It is its primary function: just like the silk classic bandana by Mona Sultan, the bandana can be worn around the neck. But unlike a scarf that we wear casually, the bandana is way smaller and has to be carefully wrapped around the neck. For a casual look, we wear our bandana cowboy-style: in a triangle. To break that “western” look it gives, we wear it with neutral trendy pieces like boyfriend jeans or a long jean skirt, a loose shirt like the cotton shirt by Louie that we wear two sizes bigger, and a leather black jacket like the quilted leather biker jacket by Bibana Paris or the perfecto in coated cotton and leather by Emy Rigeot. For a more sophisticated look, wear that bandana as a short-necklace: fold it as a headband, and tie it very close to your neck. You can wear it with a silk dress like the silk wrap dress by Olivier Battino or the backless silk dress by Esperluette Paris.

As a bracelet

If you like the bandana as a close-necklace, you will love it as a bracelet. All you need is a small scarf or bandana like the small Astra scarf by Suprême Bon Ton or the silk classic bandana by Mona Sultan. You can then let your imagination go wild and tie it around your wrist the way you want. You can for example tie it in a knot and let the scarf hang from you wrist, tighten the bandana around your wrist and let the knot show (or not), wrap the bandana several times around your wrist, etc. Whatever you choose to do with it, the bandana-bracelet has to be worn with a casual outfit: the Louise de Testa printed sweater and leather shorts by Armance Rotceig or the medium length woolen waistcoat by Elodie Oberlé with the leather and cotton pants by Emy Rigeot.

On the handbag

Bags accessories are some of our favourite accessories of the season! We love to tie a key ring, a pompom… or a bandana around it. This is why we like to tie our bandana around the handle of our bag, whether it is a bucket style bag like the bucket style leather bag by Bleecker Blues, a tote bag like the quilted leather shopping bag by Catherine Gaillard or a shoulder bag like the Maradji Josephine leather shoulder bag. Just be careful to always match the colours! To be sure, go for the silk classic black bandana by Mona Sultan that goes with any bag colour.


As a turban

If you wear it as a turban, the bandana has to be tall enough to cover the whole head, like the Stripes shaded colour scarf by Mona Sultan or the Azimut silk print scarf by Suprême Bon Ton. First of all, double the bandana longwise and put it on your head. At the back of your neck, cross the two parts of the bandana and knot them together. Pass one part on the top of your head, and insert it under the bandana next to your temple. Do the same thing with the second part of the bandana. Tadam, you’re wearing your bandana as a turban! If you want it to be simple and quick, just fall for the coton Bird turban by House of Turban, that you can still vote for on the MonDéfilé. Very Bohemia-like, the turban should be worn with a hippie-inspired outfit, which means fringes, velvet and warm colours like camel or mustard yellow. With the Mona Sultan Square shaded colour scarf, we will wear the jean shirt with leather collar by Wanted Gina, the velvet camel pants by Lylee Blu and the biker jacket with fringes by the fashion blogger Fringe & Frange.


Around the waist

More original and lighter than a belt, the bandana can be worn around the waist. Once again, there are many ways to wear the bandana as a belt, according to the occasions. For a simple look, like pants and a top, give character to your outfit thanks to accessories like a hat or a headband, sunglasses, and a bandana like the Marble silk scarf by Denovembre that you can simply slide in one of your belt loops. For a quiet night like a night in with your lover or a dinner with your friends, you can twist your favourite combo skirt and jacket by knotting a bandana around your waist, letting it fall on your hip, like the silk classic black bandana by Mona Sultan. Finally, for a discreet work outfit, wear your bandana exactly like a belt. To do so, the bandana has to be long enough, like the Stripes shaded colour scarf by Mona Sultan.


Are we the only ones who totally fell for the bandana, which will definitely be part of our outfits at least until the end of the year? If you love it too, go check the bandanas and scarves collection by Mona Sultan. To discover more seasonal trends, go to MonDéfilé. If you want more advice on the fashion trends of the year, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!


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