Backpacks of the season

Up until a few months ago, backpacks were associated to two things: school and road trips. We would have never ever thought about them as fashion accessories. Yet, for a few seasons now, they have been coming back on the fashion scene and have become a key and stylish fashion item, in addition to being very practical. Every new fashion season comes with its new backpacks trends: new patterns, new materials, new shapes, etc. Here are our favourites for this season!


For the romantics

You like floral prints, the colour pink, picnics for two, candlelight dinners, and Ryan Gosling movies? Then you are an incorrigible romantic, and Darris’ pink leather backpack was made for you. Perfect for a night out with your lover, wear it on one shoulder, and do not fill it too much so it stays thin and light. To break its “casual” look, wear it with a Meryl Suissa playsuit, the black zipped jacket by Les Roussoeurs, and a par of camel derbies.


For the hipsters

Slightly regressive, the hipster trend is the most inspired by the backpacks we used to wear to go to high school or to summer camp like the woollen backpack with pearls by Studio Baqué Molinié. If it is very aesthetic, it is also very practical, which let us free hands to do any other activity: dance at a concert, visit a flea market, take pictures, or ride a bike. Associated to comfort, that bag has to be worn with a printed sweatshirt by Godard Paris, the printed tank top by Angéline Dangelser, and the bicoloured bomber jacket created by the fashion blogger Adenorah.


For the artists

Whether you are a painter, a musician, a graffiti artist or a photograph, the backpack has to be your bag of predilection. Artists often carry around a lot of stuff and have both hands busy, and need a practical and resisting backpack to transport their material and work at the same time. And that perfect bag is the blue leather backpack by Darris. Both very sportswear and feminine, its yellow printed inner lining gives it an artistic look. Rather sober, you should wear it with original colourful pieces, like the Louise de Testa white a neon yellow dress, a Maxi Billy gold bracelet by Monsieur Simone, and dotted gold watch by Les Partisanes.


How about you, have you adopted the backpack yet? Which one is your season favourite? If you want more advice on the fashion trends of the year, follow us on FacebookTwitter,Instagram et Pinterest!

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